Who Are We…Really?

Group Philosophy

To create entertaining media in the highest quality attainable.

Unique Individuals:

Risa is the visual artist of our group–striving to produce fantastic stories in various mediums. A visual artist, she is responsible for the creation of all the elements of the product, and promotion of the product, that directly interact with our customer’s eyes.  Her mission statement is as follows:

“We don’t want to just entertain, we want to make stories that inspire people to act on their inherent goodness.”

Walter is the technical engineer of our group.  As an IT Professional, he seeks out the best tools for production, promotion, and interaction with the product.  His mission statement is as follows:

“We don’t just want to tell a story, we want a story that lives and breathes…one that can be touched and felt…one which touches back”

Kristoffer is the group’s published author. He specializes in visceral tales that grip the heart of the reader and drag them right into the pages of his works. His philosophies include:

“Books light the way out of dark places.”

“Writing is the best kind of magic.”


Team Goals:

Goal 1:  Clearly define our core canon and lore.  Create a consistent cosmology and mythology on which to build our stories.

Goal 2:  Remain true to our core.  We are the keepers of the unseen and will not corrupt the soul of our brand to get gain.

Goal 3:  Develop industrial processes and procedures that fuel the imagination and feed the soul.  Focus on deriving value from within rather than forcing productivity from without.