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A New Year, A New Life

2017 is approaching and ideas for how to shape and proceed forward with Supernal Phantasia and the lives that reside behind it are still in major fluctuation. We want to find the right foundation to build ourselves atop of. If you have ever begun something anew, no matter it’s scope, you will perhaps understand how daunting […]

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A book that will have you spell bound.

If you are considering a new book to read on a night of candle lit suspense or something to engage the mind on a stormy afternoon, then let us suggest to you a particularly thrilling read: The Jagged Tree by Kristoffer Law. Reading this new talent’s work is a refreshing and a satisfying experience. From the first […]

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Butterflies and Bugs

Flu season has caught the entire team! Not to worry though, everyone experiences setbacks now and again. All we need to do when we find ourselves up against one is to re-evaluate and re-arrange. So, we’ll start with rearranging the fairy coloring book production to after the move to PA, which is fast approaching. Next we’ll […]

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Who Are We…Really?

Group Philosophy To create entertaining media in the highest quality attainable. Unique Individuals: Risa is the visual artist of our group–striving to produce fantastic stories in various mediums. A visual artist, she is responsible for the creation of all the elements of the product, and promotion of the product, that directly interact with our customer’s […]

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Our Origin Story Begins…

Not so long ago, in Texas… An alliance was forged between the creative genius of Risa Dillon and her long-standing friends Walter and Jennifer Baltzley.  Their mission–born out of necessity–is to bring to reality an ethereal vision.  Together they rise from the ashes and build on shattered remnants of a desolate world… Let the Faery […]

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