A book that will have you spell bound.

If you are considering a new book to read on a night of candle lit suspense or something to engage the mind on a stormy afternoon, then let us suggest to you a particularly thrilling read: The Jagged Tree by Kristoffer Law.

Reading this new talent’s work is a refreshing and a satisfying experience. From the first to the last page, you will find yourself compelled to read on as the pacing carefully and masterfully grips your attention. The details are delightful and also easy for the mind to utilize in visualizing the story while you read it. The characters are so true to real people they could practically breathe themselves right off the pages! The entirety of the story is very believable with an organic flow that will charm you before you know it. Every word read is a moment well spent. It is indeed a thrilling mystery!
We encourage all avid readers to acquire a copy for themselves and let the book prove itself on its own merit for we are confident it will not disappoint.

The quality of this product meets so well with our company’s standards and we enjoyed the entertainment the story provided so much so that we invited Kristoffer to join our creative team… He said yes!

Welcome to Supernal Phantasia, Kristoffer! We are all looking forward to experiencing what happens next in the tales you tell!